Boulevard Zone was founded on the ultimate belief that art, culture, cuisine and health are the cornerstones to living a full and joyful life. In good times and bad, fine food, drink and entertainment has always brought people together.

The Boulevard Zone was started in 2014 by William Hayek, a Dubai-based businessman, an experienced business-to-business and are quickly establishing one of the UAE’s leading speciality food, beauty, art and technology suppliers, servicing the country’s top hotels and restaurants.

With an ever-increasing product range covering natural beauty products, electronic goods, eastern art and chocolate, our emphasis has always been on providing the best quality whilst assuring value for money. Boulevard Zone leads the way in sourcing new and innovative products for our customers, importing directly from countries such as France, Spain, Italy, Bali, USA, as well as working closely with our partners across the Gulf.

No matter the product, at Boulevard Zone we specialise in providing the very best.