Through the Mirror

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Through the Mirror

This painting is about self reflection. The person is not looking at the mirror to see the reflection of her  actual physical self, but rather through a mirror representation to see the reflection of her soul.

The young self could be looking through the mirror and seeing an old soul that is full of wisdom,acceptance, and a wealth of life experiences starring back at her. Or, the older self could be looking through the mirror and seeing a beautiful young soul that is full of life still, and full of hope, enthusiasm and love needed to live it.

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Product Description

Through the Mirror
2014 (3-piece set 30 x 70 cm each)
Acrylic medium

About the Artist

Dana Khoury
Dubai, UAE

Educated at the most prestigious Aesthetics schools in North America, with a career span of over twenty years in private and international companies, Dana Khoury is considered a leading expert in the world of beauty. Despite her busy career, Dana’s passion for learning led her to pursue a BA in Psychology from Concordia University which only served to fine-tune her innate talent to see beyond the obvious and delve into the depths of human emotions.

Borne in the gulf area, her parents moved back to Lebanon for about nine years before immigrating to Canada when Dana was still a teenager. Twenty years later, now happily married with 2 children, Dana’s life came full circle when she found herself back in the gulf region. Having lived in multiple countries and interacted with different cultures and races served only to strengthen her belief that beyond the superficial differences in the form of expression, raw human emotions, passions, and motivations have an uncanny similarity that anyone can relate to and  understand whether it has been experienced first hand or not.

Her career stars truly aligned to shape her as an artist when she decided to change her canvases from human faces to stretched linens and allow her love for beauty, her deep understanding of human emotions, and her obsession with details to guide her brushes. Her paintings are not simply wall decorations, but rather very artistic thought provoking frames that highlight familiar emotions deeply rooted in all of us.



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