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We supply ladies’ beauty products, as used by leading salons globally. Our products are chosen only after rigorous research and testing has been carried out to ensure the very highest quality.

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Sanding Sponge

Sanding Sponge, grit #180/240, gray (1 pack x 12pcs).

boulevard zone pedicure handle

Pedicure File Refill and Handle

Refill Sheet (Black, grit#100, 1 pack x 100 pcs) and Handle (Gray foot file).

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Mascara wand Eyelash brush lash comb, eyelash curler brush, makeup brush cosmetic applicator. Brush 25mm + Stick 75mm =   102mm Total Length

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emery board buffer


As your trusted Spa and Salon resource, Boulevard Zone is always offering something new.

Our Emery boards straight (240/1000 grit) in black and the Super Mini Blocks (White), Pre-cut mini buffing blocks 2 sided (100/120 grit). Enjoy top quality spa and salon supplies at true low prices.

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Put safety first and protect your clients by ensuring sanitization and hygiene!

Our disposable manicure / pedicure kits contain a nail file (180/100), three-way nail buffer, two nail wipes and one orange stick. Meeting Dubai Municipality standards, this is the hygienic way to perform that salon-finish manicure or pedicure!

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Widely used throughout Europe and the US, EcoTowels are biodegradable towels and products designed for individual, one-time use in salon and spas. Made out of all-natural fibres and designed and developed by a team of beauty professionals based in the UK, EcoTowels are able to save you costs, time and storage whilst also saving the planet.

EcoTowels disposable usage also adheres to the Dubai Municipality guidelines regarding environmental health requirements in salons and spas and use of disposable towels.

Visit the EcoTowels website

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Little BU® nail polish is the creation of beauty enthusiast Patricia Dente Haimes, who recognised that a growing number of sophisticated girls are frequenting salons with their mothers and best friends for pampering manicure and pedicure services. Identifying this growing trend amongst the budding urban sophisticates, Patricia decided to develop a safe, odourless nail polish formula that provides a salon quality finish in fashionable colours.

The concept of a truly safe, odourless, non-toxic formula with a glossy finish for children has been so popular that it has transcended age parameters, with chic women-in-the-know flocking to use Little BU® nail polish!

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