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Welcome to Boulevard Digital Zone.

At Boulevard Digital Zone, we design and integrate hardware as well as provide ready-made systems. We tailor our packages to suit your needs and can guarantee complete satisfaction, whether you wish to buy or lease product from us.

The “Touch Concept” is getting more and more space in our daily life with all the iPads, iPhones and other tech. We provide bespoke touch solutions for you. Browse Products
Sphere projection, video walls, 3D screens, projection glass: From standard displays to more exotic tech, we have you covered! Explore our product range for more info.Browse Products
For most people, holograms belong in the realm of science fiction. At Boulevard Zone however, we offer a wide range of hologram tech to make the impossible, possible. Browse Products
All the supplies, toys and gadgets you need. We stock the latest gadgetry including LED bracelets and Photoballs to ensure your event goes down a success! Browse Products